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Flea Market Merchandise

If you plan to stick around for very long you will need flea markFlea Market Merchandiseet merchandise that will sell. Having what people need or desire are the two main items you want to sell.

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Most people buy with emotion and then they purchase other products for their own personal reasons. If you can find flea market merchandise to sell that fill those two needs you will be around for a long, long, long time.

There are thousands of products you can choose to sell. Maybe you want to get into the food consession business. Thats a really good business if you can get in. Most of the time its taken and management won't let anyone else in.

How about the produce business? You need to find a produce wholesale house or a farmers market and buy a lot of tomatoes, onions, peppers, potatoes, watermelons, grapes, strawberries, bananas, mangos, etc. Its a good business but you will probably need help.

I see a lot of vendors sell dollar items. You can usually double your money but you need to buy about a hundred different items an have about of each one of those to get started.

Grocery items are always good to sell. I buy bread, popcorn, candy and all the other goodies every week from these vendors. You will have to get hooked up with a company that sells grocery pallets. If you have a place to store the pallets and a good size truck or trailer to haul the merchandise in then this can be a very lucrative business. I know two vendors who have been dong very well for years.

How about being a "Picker". I know a coule of vendors who just ride around and pick up items that people put out to the curb for the garbage truck. One guy is 77 years old. He has his route he does twicw a week. He comes out with some really good stuff. Its amazing what people throw away. The only thing invested is time and some gas.

Another good place to get flea market merchandise is storage unit auctions. We had a vendor at our market who bought a storage unit that had a document signed by Malcom X. It sold to a private investor for a little over $200,000...So you never know what you will find. A lot of vendors get their merchandise this way and do quite well. If you sell on ebay you will have another outlet to get rid of things that will bring more money.

If you check out the article 'flea market wholesale' on this site I list some companies that you can use to get flea market merchandise at good prices.

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Be sure to go to the website I give you in the book. You will see photos of what I talk about in the book. I sell things that you and everybody else use every day.

Like I always tell people.....even if you don't resale the items like I do at the flea market you will discover how to save you and your family a ton of $$$$$$$.

Good Luck!

With the new FTC rules I must state that everyone is different and I can not promise that you will earn thousands of dollars if you buy my Flea Market Secrets Exposed ebook, but I will promise you that you will have access to the very blueprint that I have used for the last 21 years and continue to use today.