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Finding flea market wholesale items is just one of the keys to having a successful flea market business so you need to put some thought and research in to it.

Having said that I believe there is a SECRET why I have lasted for over 20 years and it has to do with product selection. You can read about it by clicking >> Flea Market Wholesale .

Once you decide what to sell you will have to see if you can buy it wholesale at a good price so you can make a decent profit.

You want to find a reputable dealer. Someone you can depend on to keep your products in stock.

Maybe a look through the yellow pages will help you find a supplier. Did you find a local business that you can work with the owner and help him move some product?

How about going on line to find wholesale products. There are a slew of middle men who are selling products so be careful. They get between you and the real wholesaler. You think you are buying wholesale but the middle man is the one getting the real wholesale price.

Real Factory Authorized Wholesalers for the most part do not advertise on line. These are large wholesale companies, and they don't believe it's worth their time and effort to advertise to small home-based business owners. They WILL work with you once you track them down.

I have found two certified wholesale directories who do the research for you to find quality products at true wholesale prices. I have been a member with both of these companies for a number of years. I use them mainly for Ebay but you could use them to source products for your flea market business. All their wholesalers have been screened and want to work with home-based businesses.

Both of these companies charge a one time membership sign up fee. One doesn't cost to much and the other one is a little on the pricey side. Both of these companies are 100% first class. SaleHoo is worth joining so you can get name brand products at wholesale prices for yourself as you can buy one or two items at the time. The price is definitely a bargin. Check out both of them and then decide if they are the right fit for you.

The first company is WorldWide Brands. They have over 8,000 verified suppliers, wholesale and dropship. If you want to drop ship, buy light bulk or volume this company has dealers ready to do business. They also have liquidation and instant import buys you can use.

The video you will view talks about online business but this can be applied to any business. To take a look at this company just click >> Flea Market Wholesale.

The second company is SaleHoo. They have over 5,000 legitimate suppliers. Every product imaginable from electronics, DVDs, clothing, baby products, etc. Top brand names; Gucci, Sony, Apple, Nike, Prada, LaCoste and many more.

You can check them out by clicking>> Flea Market Wholesale.

You will be on the right track using any one of the three methods. Of course I am slightly prejudice and you can get my #1 Method right here:>> Flea Market Wholesale

Once you have the book Be Sure you go to the site inside the book. You will See what I talk about in the book.

With the new FTC rules I must state that everyone is different and I can not promise that you will earn thousands of dollars if you buy my Flea Market Secrets Exposed ebook, but I will promise you that you will have access to the very blueprint that I have used for the last 21 years and continue to use today.